Who can find a Virtuous Woman, for her price is far above rubies.......


 Proverbs: 31

Virtuous Women

is an organization conceived of by our first lady, Minister Shirley Hunter. Her vision is to organize and teach women to strive towards emulating the example of what and how a woman should be, that is set forth in Proverbs 31.

With this in mind she was inspired by the Holy Ghost to begin calling the women of God together at the beginning of the year for a "Virtuous Woman's Conference".  

Some of the activities we participate in every year at the Virtuous Women's Conference are:

  • Morning Glory Prayer - Where we learn how to pray, actively participate in prayer and see the power of prayer in action.

  • The 'Fireside Chat' -  Where you can get biblical answers to those confusing life's questions.

  • View the Vision - A process where you create a Vision Board to help you visualize what you want to accomplish for the coming year.

We have great fun fellowshipping and sharing with other women of God. Everyone is invited to come out and help us give God the Glory and the praise.

Stay tuned for New Developments!!!